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Are you responsible for your best friend’s bachelor party in Chicago? You want to give your friend the best experience possible as they head off toward a life of marriage. This means you need to start planning the bachelor party as soon as possible with Kitty Cat Now Chicago

The minute you get the go-ahead from your friend, you should be starting preparations. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is in a month, six months, or a year from now. The sooner you start planning the better off you will be. It will reduce stress and it will prevent you from dealing with trying to make last-minute arrangements that don’t work out. Let’s look at some of the things that you will want to start booking right now.

Book Restaurants as Soon as Possible

If you are going to head out for a nice dinner at an exclusive restaurant on the night of the bachelor party, you should make sure that you book a reservation as early as possible. Try to get a headcount for the number of people who are going to attend, and maybe book for a couple of extra people, just in case. Call the restaurant and book as early as you are able. It will ensure there aren’t any hiccups later.

Buy the Special Items Now

Are you going to have some special cigars or some imported scotch for the party? You should order these now rather than waiting until the last minute. Even if you can buy them in your area, get them now just to avoid Murphy’s Law, which will ensure they aren’t available when you need them.

Find and Book the Sexy Entertainment Now

What’s a bachelor party without a little naked entertainment? It’s boring is what it is. Make sure you book the best strippers and erotic dancers from Kitty Cat Now, in your area and book them for the bachelor party now. This ensures that you’ll have the girls there on a special day. Anything less would mean that you failed as a best man. Bring in the sexy strippers from Kitty Cat Now to be the entertainment and show the guys, you were the best choice for the best man and the Bachelor Party.

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