Just Because the NBA Playoffs Are in the Bubble Doesn’t Mean You and Your Friends Have to Be

The last several months have been a real drag on life. Especially considering that the summertime is the time in which most of our wildest adventures take place. Let’s be honest, a lot of guys and their buddies are also jonesing for a little adult entertainment. Well, it just so happens that the girls from Kitty Cat Now Chicago can provide that. Oh, and just in time for the NBA playoffs as well.

Tired of Being Isolated, Quarantined and Just Stuck Inside Alone?

Humans are social creatures. We require company and conversation and personal interaction. And men, in particular, need a certain type of attention and interaction with beautiful women from time to time. We’re talking about the kind of attention that you get from some of the hottest strippers around.

These girls will show up at your playoff party with sexiest outfits and playful personalities. They will transform your boring get together into a wild and explosive experience.

From Action Packed Playoffs to Sexy Payoffs

What fun would it be if these girls just hung out and acted as glorified waitresses getting beers and serving food? The sexy little exotic entertainers are there to blow the lid off of your little shindig! They will keep you and your friends memorized to the point that you will likely forget there is even a game going on at all.

We have to warn you; these girls get very excited during the playoffs. At any moment their sexy in-game dancing could erupt into 2 and 3-girl lesbian fantasy shows with highly stimulating action! You never know what could happen…

Our NBA fan groupies are just the ticket to turn your casual watch gatherings into blowouts your friends won’t forget. Why just sit around in your mancave or garage with a few beers and bags of potato chips? Do something fun and exciting! Treat yourselves to a sexy sports experience like never before. The hottest strippers at Kitty Cat Now are ready to come and heat up your watch party anytime. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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