Kitty Cat of the Month – Victoria

Kitty Cat Now is pleased to announce our Kitty Cat of Month Contest. Each month we will feature one of our infamous Kitty Cat’s with a fun and sexy interview to better acquaint you with a select few of our finest Erotic Dancers.

Victoria is truly one of our favorite Performers. She’s always filled with energy and vitality. Her aim to please each guest at a party is unparalleled. She is available for all of our packages but excels at 2 Girl & Extreme Shows that she does with her partner Jenna.

1) What was your deciding factor on becoming a Kitty Cat?
I love that the staff is all women…Gorgeous women at that!

2) Favorite Snapchat filter?
Obviously the Kitty Cat Filter, Meow!!!

3) What qualities make you swipe right?
Nice kind eyes & smile

4) What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a significant other?
Shoes, it’s definitely always shoes.

5) What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
Britney Spears

6) What’s constitutes a great show?
Well mannered guests who know how to have fun and really enjoy our show as much as we enjoy performing for them!

7) What’s the worst show you’ve ever done?
I’ve never really had a really bad show, but I’d have to say I’ve had a few of my toys stolen…I just don’t understand!

8) What’s your favorite trick or speciality at a show?
My favorite trick or specialty would have to be the Ring Toss & the Flying V.

9) Do you have any hidden talents?
Not really. Or at least I wouldn’t call them hidden. You’ll just have to book a show with me so that you can see!

10) Why should potential parties choose choose you?
Potential parties should book me because I’m the best. Seriously though, I love performing and enjoy what I do very much. I’m always eager to make sure you and your guests are happy with your show and time.

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