Kitty Cat Now Chicago Will Rock the Boat!

As the trees begin to blossom and the sun wafts into the horizon later day by day into pink dusk. We are powerfully reminded the sultry summer heat has arrived. There’s a bottle of prosecco cooling in the fridge while the urge to reveal newly tanned limbs is strong.
As Pastel colors, bare legs, and boat shoes slowly emerge back into our clothing repertoire there is a foreshadowing of something greater still. The immense Tarped presence tucked to the sides of the garage has been gaining dust for far too long. It whispers of the freedom of open water, the hot sun and cold beer, tawny skin and bikini clad. In Chicago we know after the much-anticipated Baseball Season begins Boating season is soon to follow.

It’s officially the wistful time of year when everyone is either planning their next escape from the city and delighting in the open water. Our lovely Kitty Cat’s™ are willing and able to make the haul and the most of your boat party. Any of our packages can easily be customized to the open water or cordially docked. Kitty Cat Now Chicago is equipped with specific Yachting packages to capitalize on your Boat party. Either 2 girls for 4 hours for $1000 or 4 girls for 4 hours for $2000. Whatever option you go for, adding our busty and bodacious Kitty Cat’s™ will Shorely be a great and Naughty adventure guaranteed to rock the boat of your pleasure craft. Whether your Harboring strong feelings or Throw caution to the wind you simply can’t lose when incorporating Kitty Cat Now Chicago into your boat party!

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