Looking for Some Fun Gaming Entertainment in 2022? We Have Several Options

attractive girl in jacket and hat playing poker in casino

How do you separate the men from the boys? Simple, ask them to define gaming! The boys will say things like Fortnight or Overwatch, while the men will answer with poker or craps. So, who is right and who is wrong? At Kitty Cat Now Chicago, we don’t like to pick sides, but there is something about a crowd of men, living on the edge, willing to let it ride, that makes for an exciting night. Could it get any better?

Raise the Stakes by Adding Topless Dealers and Servers

Rather than shuffling off in the middle of a hand to grab a drink and some snacks, why not upgrade your little event and hire a professional topless or nude server to lend a hand? Not only will you have all the drinks and snacks at your fingertips, but the delivery of these items becomes a sideshow in and of itself. Just don’t expect us to cheat for you merely because you’re footing the bill. All’s fair in love and war at casino night! Plus, each hand gets better when you have a gorgeous lady dealing the hands. What a perfect Chicago Casino night!

Play Craps Like A Movie Star

Whether they have admitted it or not, every guy has had a dream or fantasy about living large on the craps table, in a rag to riches style story. Walk in with their last $20 and run the table. Before long, beautiful women start to hang on them, blowing on the dice and cheering them on. The girls of Kitty Cat Now Chicago provide exotic dancing services and add an extra level of excitement to any party by incorporating whipped cream shots, games, glow sticks, and more, just to make things more interesting.

We Didn’t Forget the Boys

Now boys, like we said, we don’t pick sides. So, if you are looking to add a girl-on-girl exotic dance show or strip show to your next Madden tournament with lap dances for the winners, then, by all means, give us a call today!

Contact Kitty Cat Now today to see what types of entertainment we can provide for your upcoming gaming event. Together, we can make sure everyone has a good time!

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