No Cupid This Valentine’s Day? Party with some exotic dancers.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, lust, and commitment. We wear red, bask in the splendor of candlelit dinners, and heart-shaped trinkets. However, if you happen to be Single now one could find themselves creating a spectacle of clichéd exchanges to make themselves feel better.

Strippers Make you Feel Better

There are several ways to approach being single on Valentine’s Day. One is to deny its relevance, and just begrudgingly stay in with a microwave dinner. However, the astute optimists among us; see it as the perfect opportunity to have an impromptu party with Kitty Cat Now Chicago! Instead of wallowing in your sorrows at the bottom of a bottle, treat yourself to sexy whip cream shots, by way of licking it off the ample cleavage of our lovely Kitty Cat’s Stripper’s! Nothing brings on a beaming smile quite like caressing and interacting with our voluptuous Topless or Nude waitresses.

Screw the patriarchy by throwing an all-single guy’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party! With the aid of Kitty Cat Now we can create a sumptuously sexy evening designed to stimulate and titillate your wildest fantasy. Our Gorgeous Kitty Cat’s Strippers Chicago will perform a spectacular and sensual Strip Tease Show In the privacy of your own home or Man Cave. Imagine tantalizing lap dances, a lotion slip, and slide, whip cream body shots. an array of sexy games and erotic parlor tricks.

Party with Dancers This Valentine’s Day

Kitty Cat Now Chicago knows the secret for turning this experience into a night you and your friends will remember for years to come! Don’t allow this ample opportunity for a great party to pass you by! For all you know you might find yourself falling in love with our tantalizing Exotic Dancers whose sole desire is to dote on and thoroughly entertain you and your friends! Give us a call or Book Online to make your epic Anti-Valentine’s Day Party a reality you’ll reverently remember for years to come!

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