Rush Week

Rush week is upon us fellas! Rush or Recruitment week, is that special period of time when fraternities/sororities recruit prospective students to their respective Greek organizations.  While it’s a celebration for the Greek community to band together in the spirit and pride of being a part of a fraternity. However, it can be intimidating as pledge trying to impress your future brothers, while you’re being ruthlessly hazed to show their strength and perseverance.     To commemorate this special time why don’t you surprise your pledges with one of our amazing Strip Shows. After Hell week come together and impress your brothers with a reward for all their hard work and determination. Even if you’re looking to spice up a formal event in house You can order Chicago’s sexiest Topless or nude waitress to get those body shots flowing! Unite together, to show the true meaning of passion for your brotherhood by reveling in being a young red blooded American male with Chicago strippers!

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