Science is Always Sexy

We here at Kitty Cat Now Chicago pride ourselves to be on the forefront of creativity and innovation in the night life scene. We find it absolutely imperative to go over and beyond your wildest expectations which is why we consistently ensure our Kitty Cat’s performances are on the cutting edge of erotic innovation and technology.

It may seem hard to imagine the thought of our Kitty Cat’s wearing absolutely nothing but white lab coats, safety goggles, long rubber gloves, and of course the most insensible 4” stilettos that most certainly do not belong in a lab, but hey we do have an image to uphold! Often our girls spend painstaking hours in compromising conditions in the lab ensuring any new toy or technology that comes out on the market will hold up to our strict standards and guidelines. The minutia of employing the scientific method on pleasurability and performance capability is incredibly personalized to the detailed Kitty Cat Now Chicago’s aesthetic.

Our Kitty Cats have been working hard these past few months in the lab and we are happy to report we have a brand new arsenal of Tricks & Treats for you this Autumn. We’re excited to report our scientific findings to you, our esteemed clients. Please do yourself a favor and reserve your package today to stay on the forefront of burgeoning erotic science and technology. Our sexy scientists are just begging to let their hair down and bring the ultimate erotic tech to your party today.

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