The Ultimate Black Friday Deal!

Planning your Black Friday shopping hauls is an absolute must! Choosing the Top Black Friday deals, is not just about the discount. It’s dependent upon who’s on your holiday shopping list, and perhaps even what you’ve got your own eye on. This year, our homage to the Holiday Season consumerism Is the ultimate recompense for surviving your family’s Thanksgiving festivities and persevering through the post-Turkey Day shopping bonanza.

Kitty Cat Now Chicago is offering a tremendous Black Friday Deal! When you mention This Blog Entry we’ll take 10% off ANY of our Packages! Meaning the more substantial the show the more you’ll save! This fantastic offer will only be for a short time: beginning upon posting til December 6th 2019 at 12PM. However, if you’re not planning a Black Wednesday or Holiday Party the Black Friday Discounted Rate can be used for ANY Upcoming Date as long as you reserve your party before December 6th!

Black Friday has long been touted as one of the best times of the year for buying just about anything. Albeit, The Pilgrims most certainly would not approve of a holiday dedicated to consumerism. Where merely a few hours ago you recited all that you’re thankful for amongst your nearest and dearest; to then watch two grown men wrestle each other for the an XBox one. Seems contradictory doesn’t it, well that’s America for you. We love a good contradiction almost as much as we love a Great Black Friday Deal! Give us a call today and Mention this Blog for your 10% Percent off Any Show that Kitty Cat Now Chicago offers!

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