What Is A Fantasy Football Draft Party?

Over the last decade Fantasy Football draft parties have become a solid tradition amongst tight knit groups of friends. However, even with the most civil of squads things can get heated at these live drafts, and no one wants to be the guy, dropping f-bombs in front of a family of six at the next table at some chain restaurant! Nothing beats a home-made live draft, secluded from everyone and everything, apart from your league mates and a few couches to rest your ass on for the next few hours.

The draft room has to be large enough to comfortably sit your entire league. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on the floor for hours while your buddy happily enjoys a cushiony love sofa. The location needs to have good and easily accessible Wi-Fi. For the most part, the less kids and less wives the better. Albeit, that Is not the same for Fantasy Football Draft Party Strippers! Often the more adoring Chicago Strippers works towards the amiable atmosphere and also allows the Draft commissioner or the host to solely focus on your league’s top choices. When you entrust Kitty Cat Now for your Fantasy Football Draft Party you can take solace in the fact everything will go accordingly while we take care of your guests serving food, drinks and hot looks! Give us a call or Book Online today to make your ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party a reality!

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