A Friends-Giving To Go Down in Infamy!

As an American there are many time honored traditions that we take for granted. Yet few occasions leave a lingering resonance of nostalgia much like Thanksgiving. The ability to come home again is powerfully transcendent. However, even if you have a tight knit family there’s only so much family time a man can handle. Luckily our favorite celebrated Thanksgiving tradition is Friends-Giving and Black Wednesday! Occasions that are purely designed for us to get together with friends and rebel against our Puritan ancestry. This year Instead of hitting up your old stomping grounds to make small talk at the local watering hole why not invite the guys over for your own private revelry. To be thankful for the one thing that truly matters to the red blooded American male; T & A ! That’s right, a Friends-Giving that appeals to your carnal desires. Nude waitresses to serve and carve your deep fried turkey. Whip cream is great on pumpkin pie and all but licking it off our voluptuary Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers is far more indulgent. Make an homage to the Gatsby Era with cigars and cognac while satiating your hedonistic side by watching a 3 Girl Lesbian show.

This year Create your own traditions by having a Black Wednesday or Friends-Giving that will go down in infamy! The older and busier we get, the harder it is to find these occasions to get together with just the guys. The true meaning of Thanksgiving is to be surrounded by the people we care about. In our experience acquiring Sexy Exotic Dancers and Nude Waitresses is the key element to bringing all the guys together! This year create your own Traditions by celebrating the Ultimate Friends-Giving with Kitty Cat Now Chicago! Give us a Call or Book-Online Today to make your Fantasy of an epic Friends-Giving a reality!

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