Boat Parties Can Be the Perfect Summer Distraction

Summer is quickly approaching, so what activities do you have planned this year? Do you want to go out and play on the beach? Maybe travel to a new city or even country? Maybe your preference is to be on the boat, enjoying the water? With so many options, it is sometimes difficult to choose what to do first! So, what is it going to be? A bit of traveling or a big summer bash? If you ask us, we think a boat party is not only a great way to clear your mind and help you relax from everything, but it is a heck of a lot of fun!

Why A Boat Party?

Anyone can invite a few friends out on the lake and call it a party, but is it really a party? That seems more like hanging out, which is never a bad thing. If you really want to take your mind off of everything going on, then a fantasy boat party is exactly what Dr. Feel Good would order. You get fun in the sun, the wind in your hair, and all the privacy you could ask for to let go and enjoy without any looky-loos in tow.

Why You Should Contact Kitty Cat Now

If you’re having a boat party and need a little something extra to get out of your own head, then the girls from Kitty Cat Now Chicago can surely help. With a large selection of packages to select from, including fantasy strip shows and nude or topless waitresses, we can help ensure your party is anything but boring. We can also help with bartending services for those parties that need a little extra Oomph!

We’ve made it our mission to help our clients get the most out of all the parties they host. We are willing to work with our clients to make sure that every “T” is crossed and “I” dotted. So, if you are ready to help your family and friends get a sense of normalcy back in your life, then contact Kitty Cat Now Chicago today and let’s start planning how to celebrate the first summer bash of the year.

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