Easter Isn’t Just for the Kids

At Kitty Cat Now Chicago we applaud giving in to one’s desires. Lust, Love and the celebration of beauty is all a part of Nature. If you’re having an Adult themed Easter party, celebrating the Pagan Goddess Ostara, or merely having a rousing 420 Bacchanalian exploit your event isn’t complete until you have our lovely Kitty Cat’s™ grace your doorstep! Even at a moment’s notice we can take your event from dull to the talk of the town! Give us a call or Book Online to give in to your Wild side with Kitty Cat Now Chicago!

The Pagan ritual of the Spring Equinox is a celebration of renewed life and the change that comes with spring. Throughout history, this turn in the seasons has been celebrated by various cultures that held solar festivals in honor of their Goddesses. Easter takes its name from a pagan goddess Eostre (or Ostara) the goddess of spring or renewal and that’s why her feast is attached to the vernal equinox. Rabbits and eggs are ancient symbols of new life and fertility. Which soon became a common explanation of the resurrection; after the chill of the winter months, nature was coming to life again. Ancient Pagans celebrated the resurrection of spring in a manner we don’t see very often in the 21st century. Equating carnal desires to the cycle of the Earth’s seasons.

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