Giving the Gift of Dance as an Engagement Gift Both in the Couple Can Enjoy

So, you got invited to an engagement party, and besides having nothing to wear, you have no idea what to get the couple. Do you even need to get the couple anything? The protocol for these types of parties and events can get very confusing very quickly. So here are a couple of ideas that we think you could use in terms of gifts that are sure to be a hit.

Give The Gift of Theater

Very few things in life are as graceful and awe-inspiring as watching a professional ballet company do what they do best….dance. Women are left breathless by the music and the story, while the men are enthralled by the movement and sheer showing of strength by both male and female performers alike. While most men will groan at the fact that they are supposed to go to the ballet, most of them secretly really enjoy it, but let’s keep that between just you and us for now, ok?

Dance Lessons

One thing that is typically on every wedding list is taking dance lessons. So, why not beat the couple to the punch and sign them up for a couple of dance classes. This is a fun and exciting way for them to spend time together and learn more about different types of dances they may want to learn to really show off at their wedding.

Dancing With An Erotic Twist

Today, men and women are both much more understanding and free with their sexuality and embrace their ability to enjoy it together as a couple. If you want to give them a gift that will make you the front runner for best man or maid of honor, then giving them the gift of an erotic dance or fantasy show from the girls at Kitty Cat Now Chicago! We can even kick things off with an engaging strip-o-gram to get the ball rolling!

If you want to learn more about what kind of services we offer or want to schedule a show for you or your friends, contact Kitty Cat Now Chicago today!

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