Once You Go Kitty Cat There’s Just No Turning Back!

Kitty Cat Now is renowned as the foremost leader in ecdysiast entertainment in the  night life and party scene. Acclaimed as the most prestigious exotic dancing agency in the Northern hemisphere that can trace its lineage back to the Columbian Exposition. Synonymous with opulence, Charming,  illustrative and sensual women that love being the center of attention at every party while also fully doting on all members of the party & ensuring the esteemed guest of honor is subjected to every bit of reverence and adoration due to them. KCN is cognizant that any event you plan with us is so much more than just a special occasion. These parties will live on in infamy in your memories and conversations. We take great pride in the fact you’re incorporating our stunning Kitty Cats Into your events. We guarantee to go over and beyond your wildest expectations to ensure every last detail is taken care of so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy all the festivities to your heart’s content!


In spite of the fact that these  time honored traditions are certainly a necessity in one’s lifetime of monumental events, it is more in fact a luxury than a necessity for existence. Let’s be honest you don’t Need oxygen, food, water, and strippers to survive ( T-Pain, lil Wayne,Chris Brown & Charlie Sheen not withstanding) However, there’s no reason you couldn’t make this pivotal necessary luxury affordable or convenient. We have many economic options; spanning from our preeminent discounted packages (I.E. Kitten pack, Meow Pack, Puma Pack etc.), Friday night specials, and special rates for our esteemed repeat clients. Please check out our vast array of packages on our website or give us a call today we would love to go over the various options and answer any questions you may have in order to plan the perfect party for you and your guests! Just keep in mind once you experience the luxury, sensuality, practicality, and convenience that comes with the most distinguished cats in the Biz. Once you go Kitty Cat you can’t go back! Or as we like to say all others will bring new meaning to the word mediocre.

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