Great Ways to Change Up Your Weekend Routine

The weekend is one of the most anticipated high points of our week. The problem is eventually, you become limited on what you can do. It quickly turns into a case of doing the same things, over and over. The routine becomes so dull that you start to dread the weekend because you’re stuck spending half your time trying to figure out something to do. Kitty Cat Now has a few ideas on things you can do to shake things up a little bit.

Join An Adventure Group

One of the most popular new ways to have fun on the weekends is to join a weekend adventure group. These groups work together to plan different events and outings outside of the typical weekend plans most people make. It can be anything from outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, or rafting to more urban-friendly excursions like plays, musicals, wine tastings, and more.

Take A Road Trip

Hitting the open road with a couple of friends is a great way to pass the time while just going with the flow. There is no need to create some big elaborate plan or map out an itinerary. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the open road. The best part is, you can try new restaurants or food and see some interesting things that you likely have never seen before. Just make sure you have your GPS with you, just in case.

The Breakfast or Brunch of Champions

One of our favorite things to do is cook a surprise meal. It’s kind of like our version of the show Chopped. The best part is, you reap the benefit. Our Boobs and Bacon service has two of our girls come to your residency and prepare a meal of your choice while topless. Once this is done, we will put on an hour-long fantasy show with all of the trimmings. It’s like Thanksgiving came early; the only difference is that our breasts and legs are much more mouthwatering, we guarantee it.

If you want to find new and exciting ways to beat the weekend boredom, then give Kitty Cat Now Chicago a call today.

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