How is Ordering Strippers Like Buying a Car?

There are many goods and services that can be acquired online including one of the newest phenomenon purchasing vehicles sometimes even sight unseen. Sure you can get a stock BMW but can you get the same experience with a fully loaded supercharged V8? Buying any product online can be intimidating with an amalgam of options & choices we’re fully aware how important it is to do your own research. Often where the buck falls short is trusting a person or business entity on their word.

The same principle applies when ordering strippers online however there’s significantly more pressure since you have an entire party to satiate with different needs and expectations. However at Kitty Cat Now it’s our sole mission and esteemed Pleasure to ensure you get everything you could possibly want or Desire.

If this is your first time ordering Exotic Dancers online the process can be expressed best with reiterating the car analogy. If your party would prefer the stock option that would be either our Single Strip or 2 Girl Fantasy Show. Both options are on the tamer side and are excellent for co-ed events, Birthday parties etc. These 2 options are also moderately priced and are an excellent option to get that extra scintillating sizzle for any event your having while still being mindful of a budget.

If you’re having a Fantasy Draft, a Golf Outing, poker or game night, pool or boat party, or any variation where the event falls under the guide lines of doing something constructive; might we suggest getting our world renowned Topless or Nude waitresses. We also consider this a “stock option” being an à la carte variation where the girls ostensibly are eye candy or atmosphere models. Our lovely Kitty Cat’s™ serve drinks, and of course give epic lap dances/private dances through out their time at your party. If your soirée is on the impatient side and merely wants to get to the fun part you all have been waiting for (lap dances) then this is a great variation for your event!

However if you’d prefer the fully loaded designer car that invokes envy from all on lookers, the creme de la creme, the piste de resistance, the Show’s specifically designed for wild bachelor parties; that most certainly is the 2 Girl Erotic and the 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show! An extravagant scintillating scene you would Never see in a strip club! Both variations offer a mesmerizing hardcore Girl on Girl Show that conjures a spectacle one could only experience behind a computer screen. But now with the aid of Kitty Cat Now Chicago you’re wildest fantasies can be experienced with in the confines of your own home or vacation rental! Whatever option you chose we’ll ensure the bachelor or guest of honor is at the forefront of the entertainment being fully doted upon by our lovely Kitty Cat’s™.

At Kitty Cat Now we know it’s intimidating ordering strippers online. However, you can simply select your requested level of service on our ‘book online’ reservation form. You can further add notes to ensure your every expectation is met to our high standards. We also utilize our own dancers, so there is never any ancillary markups. We stand behind you and the quality of service you receive. We hope this has helped you with any questions or concerns you may have however if there’s anything at all your left wondering about please give us a call anytime we would be more than happy to ensure all your needs and desires are met to our high standards.

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