How to Ensure The Strippers At Your Bachelor Party Are Hot!!!

When one contemplates the many idealizations and connotations associated with Stripping Agencies there’s one primary issue that comes to mind. That sadly is Bait & Switch and nearly all of our New Clients Will off handedly mention it at some point. Here at Kitty Cat Now Headquarters we’re aware of your concerns and that’s precisely why we pride ourselves on being the antithesis of Bait & Switch!

There are quite a few ways we try counteract this stigma and thereby easing any concerns you may have. We make it a point to send multiple pictures (Professional and Candid) in addition to videos for your prospective entertainment.

We also have a myriad of Reviews and video testimonials on our website from our satisfied clients. These testimonials that typically have been filmed while their party is currently taking place which in our humble opinion is a pretty good indication that services have been rendered to the highest degree! It’s always best to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns because the peace of mind knowing that you chose the best company for your Bachelor Party is quite a virtue. Give us a call or Book Online today to ensure you have the hottest and wildest Strippers in the Industry when you choose Kitty Cat Now Chicago!

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