Kitties & Caddies

Is It finally that Time where You’ve found the perfect and unique opportunity to throw an unforgettable bachelor party? Ostensibly you only do this once. So, do it right. With more than 200 golf courses in our area. If you’ve come specifically for the offer of a memorable golf experience for your crew, you certainly came to the right place! A day at a premier golf resort is an ideal option to celebrate the Bachelor, Birthday or Guy’s Trip of your wildest dreams.
However, the only way to beat the heat and soaring testosterone is to request the renown services of Kitty Cat Now! At the touch of a finger we’ll ensure beautiful & voluptuous Kitty Cat’s™ Golf Caddie Dancers to be at your every whim and at your service.


Yet unlike the regular Caddies they’ll be dressed as insensibly as the club will permit. We’re of the simple mindset that less is more specifically in regard to clothing. We live to push boundaries and watch you hit Bogeys! Our sensationally Hot Kitty Cat’s™ Golf Caddie Strippers will really turn up if a member of your party hits a hole in one, does it happen every time? Certainly Not, however when it has occurred it typically results in the girls going back to your place to get enchantingly Naked and put on a wild show to celebrate this incredible accomplishment! Give us a call or Book online to make your sexy Golf Caddie Dreams a day your whole Crew will remember for years to come with Kitty Cat Now!

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