Kitty Cat Now Chicago 420 Secret!!

The Secret is out! Kitty Cat Now Chicago is built upon an entirely all female run establishment! We give all women a safe and comfortable environment for them to be independent and pursue their dreams! 4/20/20 means a lot to us Because we’ve been doing it for 10 years! 

420 is our 10 year anniversary and that’s a Big Deal! We’ve helped countless young women along the way to blossom into the young professionals they are today. Polishing and delighting in every bit along the way. We’ve provided a fun and safe environment through fulfilling their entertainment dreams and goals! We absolutely love the wonderful events we’ve been a part of for our dedicated clients over the past decade.

We all live in an uncertain future and that’s never been more apparent in our world’s history than now. But as strong determined and professional women we know that these dark days will eventually be our glory! Kitty Cat Now Chicago has had a commitment to excellence in everything it has touched for the past decade. For that precious Gift we are celebrating this 420!! Thank you for our beautiful past and we look on to a more hopeful future for us and our entire civilization! Thank you for 10 Beautiful Years of decadent excellence! We look forward to celebrating there right along with you at all the parties to come!

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