Kitty Cats are the New Midwestern Geisha

Has your Business Game gone stale? There’s a wide array of options for entertaining clients in Chicago, but after countless Steak Houses, Single Malts, and Golf Courses eventually they can seem rather mundane.  However, taking a page from our friends from the Far East we all can agree that Japan has consistently been on the forefront of burgeoning technology. Nonetheless, there is one exploit they’ve done well for over five hundred years. The Geisha are revered in Japan. Much like a Steak House dinner with clients is automatic in the Midwest, the Japanese will absolutely involve a Geisha engagement to entertain clients.

Geisha in Japanese translates to a “person of art.” She spends many years learning to sing, dance and play various musical instruments as well as being the perfect conversationalist and hostess.

Our Kitty Cat Now Strippers in Chicago may not have spent years on how to prepare and pour the perfect cup of tea however, they too have spent years honing and perfecting their craft. Consequently, if there is a need to entertain the most discerning of clients, why not enlist the help of a few Topless or Nude Waitresses. Allow our Kitty Cats in Chicago to bewitch and entertain. Even the most sedate of clients will surely be impressed by this bawdy suggestion. Most deals are created after an air of familiarity, an engrossing night of tasteful titillating fun so you are truly bonded for life sharing this sexy little secret. The best deals are crafted this way…certainly not in the board room.

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