Not Sure What Bachelor Party Games to Play? Let Us Guide the Evening!

Congratulations, you’ve been asked, and accepted, to be your friend’s best man at his upcoming wedding. You’re flying high and feeling like you just won the office pool on who the real best friend is. Then it dawns on you that you have to plan the bachelor party. Bleh, no big deal. We’ll just rent a limo, drive around with some drinks, hit up a nightclub or two….. just like everyone else.


Didn’t you just say you felt as if you won the best friend pool? Is your friend only worth “what everyone else does?” Let Kitty Cat Now Chicago help you plan a bachelor party that will have everyone begging you to be their best man for years to come!

Bachelor Party Planning Done Right

When you contact Kitty Cat Now Chicago to help you entertain the guests at your bachelor party, you’re getting quality professionals who will not only ensure that everyone has a great time, but also virtually guarantees that even the grumpiest of bridezillas can’t complain (much). While we will not plan the party for you, we can help take control of the party and suggest dozens of entertaining games that are sure to leave your friends and guests amazed.

Does Kitty Cat Now Chicago have the best Bachelor Party Games?

Silly little rabbit, the party games depend on the size of your bachelor party, we have several options that we can recommend, such as:

Topless or Nude Waitress

Adding a topless or nude waitress to your bachelor party makes serving snacks and beverages to your guests a breeze, not to mention very easy on the eyes.

Strip Shows

These shows run about 45 minutes to an hour in length and include things such as whipped cream shots, lap dances, games, glow sticks, raffles, and lots of bachelor spankings. There is also an erotic version of the strip show, which also incorporates toys for the more adventurous types. These can range from a single girl up to as many as four girls.

Are you tasked with throwing a bachelor party and want to do everything you can to make your best friend’s last single night as epic as possible? Contact Kitty Cat Now today and let us show you just how epic your bachelor party can really be!

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