Planning a theme party?

There are many fun party ideas that can take your party from Mild to Wild in an instant. The easiest and arguably the most fun is a theme party! Whether it’s Steam Punk, Great Gatsby, or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kitty Cat Now Chicago is willing and able to go that extra mile. Costumes are an absolute necessity for a good theme party. Most of our Kitty Cat’s are equipped with the run of the mill costumes such as; Cop, Fire Fighter, Nurse, School Girl (naturally all in the sexy variety.) However, if your event has been planned in advance with us, the girls can certainly put something together before donning the best costume of all; their Birthday suit.

Nonetheless, if the theme is quite out there and may not be found in the average costume shop, we’ve worked with parties in the past to procure an outfit in advance that our lovely entertainers will put on before they begin the show. This way everyone is appeased and happy. The exact idea you were hoping for comes to fruition versus being left up to interpretation. So put your imagination to the test. Kitty Cat Now Chicago will ensure your theme party will be the event you’ll be talking about for years to come!

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