What’s a Bachelor party without Strippers?

Most guys wouldn’t admit it to their blushing bride to be; but planning a Bachelor party can be just as stressful as a wedding. You want to create the best night possible before your friend takes that long walk down the aisle. However, we have found that nearly half of the parties we procure are of the last minute variety. Guys will take the time to arrange travel arrangements and an Airbnb months in advance but will call for strippers at 10PM on a Saturday night seemingly as a total after thought. When you think of a Bachelor there are 2 major principles that come to mind; lots of alcohol and Sexy Strippers!

Kitty Cat Now has many options for all sorts of events but customarily we’re renown for specializing in Bachelor Parties! The 2 or 3 Girl Lesbian Show & the 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show are designed to cater specifically to Bachelor parties. The various erotic games and parlor tricks always have the bachelor at the forefront of the show with the girls doting on his every whim and wish. Naturally all of our sexy shows will include lap dances & private dances for all members of the party. We also are one of the only agencies that allow full contact during the dances where u can actually caress the girls for an incredibly intimate experience. It’s a far cry from an overbearing strip club while your arms have to remain plastered to a chair while a menacing bouncer is looking for any excuse to throw you out! Also by procuring your own party favors you’ll never have to deal with a drink minimum that most clubs abide by. Kitty Cat Now Chicago has a slew of repeat clients that were habitual strip club goers and once they discovered our agency refuse to ever set foot in one again! After you’ve had the best why do anything mediocre ever again? The next time you’re planning a Bachelor Party give us a call in advance, unfortunately the later one waits to book their party the more flexible you have to be on the time and choice of Girls. However even a few days in advance counteracts any of that despair in the pit of your stomach that was the dread of a boring evening has turned to a flurry of excitement! Give us a call or Book Online to ensure your Bachelor Party goes off without a hitch!

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