Kitty Cat Now’s Theory of Relativity

Nerd getting kissed by pretty girl in library

Kitty Cat Now’ Chicago Theory Of Relativity is quite simple: time flies when you’re having fun! As Albert Einstein allegedly once said:

“When a pretty girl sits on your lap for an hour, it seems like a minute. When you sit on a hot stove for a minute, it seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”

We are not saying Einstein had the idea for the Theory of Relativity during a Kitty Cat Now Chicago show but we must say there is a striking similarity between the 2 Girl Erotic Show and the twin paradox. If Albert Einstein insists you have a pretty girl sit on your lap then imagine the fun you could have with a scintillating Lap Dance from an alluring Chicago Stripper! We need clocks because our perceptions of time are unreliable but at a Kitty Cat Now Chicago Fantasy Show, we promise you’ll lose all aspects of time and space!

Nice Going Einstein!

It may feel frustrating when time flies so quickly during one of our sensational Strip Shows however there’s an obvious solution you simply need more time! We encourage you to book our Sexy Strippers for as long as you’d like! Instead of feeling limited with the time you have with them, you can neutralize any impediments that may arise. Therefore you won’t feel nearly as boxed in and can experience a leisurely event. The ability to take all the time you need to gaze into the glory is an alluring 2 Girl Fantasy Show. Feel the unity with your friends by aligning with your deepest desires. Our Stunning Strippers put on a wide array of Erotic Games and parlor tricks to tempt and tease all your party guests.

That’s Relativity Baby!

Kitty Cat Now Chicago provides the energy to your party masses at the speed of light! E = mc2 That’s relativity Baby! Our stunning Chicago Strippers exude an otherworldly and ethereal presence. These sumptuous Exotic Dancers are incredibly talented all they do is imbued with inspiration providing a magically unique experience for your viewing pleasure. By simply inviting a few friends over you can have Sexy Strippers to your door in a flash! Take a hint from Einstein and plan a mentally and physically stimulating party by giving us a call or Booking online today!

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